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The Ultimate Guide to Creating Awesome Video Content

Have you ever considered how much time you spend watching YouTube videos or scrolling through Instagram? All of these are distinct types of entertaining videos that are filling our computer screens, providing us with extremely rich content. Videos are the most popular content type on the internet with 94% more views and 62 percent higher shareability. With an increasing amount of people consuming their material on social media, it's critical for brands to establish an engaging video strategy. And consumers are watching almost 2 hours of online video every day! If you aren’t creating videos yet, it’s time to start. In this blog, we are going to tell you everything that you need to know about creating effective video content for your website, social media or mobile marketing.

1. Know why you are making the video: If you want to create a video for your company, it’s important to know if you are creating it for fun or for business. If the purpose is purely entertainment, then you will need a lot of time and energy to create something that people really enjoy. While if the purpose of your video is to promote your business, the focus should be on creating a quality piece that effectively promotes your brand or company. You can still have fun with it! Just make sure you do not go overboard in an attempt to entertain viewers.

2. Write a script and discover the pain points: The best way to create great digital video content is to write a script based on what your audience wants. Write down the top three pain points for your customers, and then find out how to solve them by writing a script that includes their solution. Users love videos because they can be used to solve so many problems. Video content can be used to provide solutions for pain points, like showing how certain products work or providing instructional on how to do things like changing a tire or install a fence post.

3. Create a story board: Story boards area great way to get ideas down on paper before you start shooting. A storyboard is like a timeline of events in your video, but it can be drawn out however you see fit. The key components of a good storyboard are: who, what, where, when and why? This helps make sure that all the main points are included in your final video. Using them not only helps you visualize the finished product but also encourages originality by forcing you to create an image for each step in the process.

4. Avoid making it all about you: If you want to make a video that is not only interesting but also effective, do not put the focus on yourself. Instead, try to talk about other people and showcase their knowledge and talent. This strategy will have two effects: your viewers will enjoy watching it more as you are not talking about yourself all the time, and they will spread it as they feel that this video tells them something cool about other people.

5. Add the human factor: Possibly the most important element of video marketing is The Human Factor. That’s because the majority of people don’t want to watch a plain old business presentation. They want to learn from someone they can relate to, and who’s willing to engage with them in an honest way. It gives your audience an “aww” moment when they can relate emotionally to something in the video. You can either use everyday people in your videos or use influencers. Both are great ways to get people talking about your content online.

In this blog, we’ve tried to cover the many ways you can create awesome video content that will increase your business traffic and bring you leads for years to come! While video marketing is one of the most effective ways to get your business in front of potential customers and can be incredibly powerful in helping your business reach new heights, it’s not something that you should take lightly, especially when you want to create videos that go viral. If you need a helping hand to create a killer business video, we can help! Contact us now for more information on how our video production services can take your company’s video content to the next level. We are also available on Facebook and Instagram!

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