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Trademark Registration

Trademarks can be a valuable way to protect core aspects of your business or products. 
When you hear the word “trademark,” some company's logo probably pops into your mind. But there are many types of trademarks. You can trademark words, symbols, or combinations of the two that make your company’s wares and services distinctive.
Using an unregistered trademark for a certain period of time establishes your ownership of the trademark through common law and gives you certain trademark rights. However, these rights are quite limited compared to the rights of a registered trademark owner. If your trademark is not registered, your rights are limited to the geographic area where the trademark has been used, and you will have to prove ownership of your trademark to the court
Advertises Goods and Guards the Goodwill
Businesses having trademark gets more trust, safety, quality, and goodwill in the minds of customers. You can use the symbol, “®” after your trademark, which indicates your mark is registered, adding to the prestige of your company.
Legal Protection
It gives you additional protections, including presumed ownership, and diminishes the burden of proof. Your trademark could also provide the right to legal action against anyone that infringes upon it.

Creation of an Asset & Differentiates Product

Registering a trademark makes it an intangible asset that can be traded, franchised, distributed, or commercially contracted.

Exclusive right

Registering the trademark ensures that other companies will not have a similar trademark, and gives your company exclusive rights to operate and market under said trademark.
  • Individual

  • Joint owner

  • LLP 

  • Trust or Society

  • Proprietor Firm 

  • Partnership Firm

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